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Registration closes on June 3.

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Rider Referral Rebates

New for 2024! Get a rebate on your registration fee by recruiting new first-time riders!

  • Tell someone about OutRiders who has never registered to ride with us before, and get a Rider Referral Rebate of $15 if that person rides this year.
  • When the new rider registers, they should enter your name in response to the question "Where did you hear about OutRiders?"
  • If you yourself are a new rider, you can qualify to get a Rider Referral Rebate, provided that the person you refer registers after you do. Two (or more) riders cannot refer each other.
  • Rider Referral Rebates will be sent out in June.
  • The total Rider Referral Rebate you can receive is limited to the amount of the registration fee that you paid this year.


Thank you for your interest in Crewing! You will play a crucial role in the "P-town Ride". You'll provide moral support, good cheer and sustenance to the Riders, who in turn respond with enthusiastic appreciation. Also, you get a free t-shirt.

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