OutRiders - 34th Annual Boston to Provincetown Ride - 130 mile cycling event

What to expect

What to expect Cyclists on this Ride will be challenged with varying terrain and weather. This is a long Ride that needs proper preparation and training. But, it is also an enjoyable and well-supported Ride. The five rest and refueling stops along the way offer much needed water, food and support.

You will have pleasant downhill runs and some seemingly endless roads that may not be as enjoyable to ride. You will feel overheated only to enjoy a sea-breeze as you get closer to the water. You will have changing scenery and be on some busy roads and some tranquil roads. You will see sand dunes, ocean, forest and highways.

You will be surrounded by cyclists of varying riding abilities and will find others to ride along with. You will be riding alone at times. You will be in clusters at times.

Ride carefully and thoughtfully. Encourage others and offer assistance if it is needed. Be prepared for this 130 mile Ride and you will enjoy it all the more.

Route markers

green arrow marker The directions are fairly complicated, so we will have road markers as your main guide. You will be following bright green triangles with a line through the middle. As you approach intersections, look for arrows. There should be two before a turn and a confirming one after. If you miss a turn, you could add unwanted mileage. Make sure if you are following someone that they are following the arrows properly. Be mindful that dirt or cars may obscure an arrow. If you haven't seen an arrow for a while, consult your map or return to the last arrow that you saw.

Don't start unless you plan to finish

The Ride goes rain or shine on the date scheduled! We are unable to pick up cyclists, so if you start, plan to finish. If you decide that the conditions are too poor for you to complete the route, you may take one of the Bay State Cruise Company or Boston Harbor Cruises ferries to Provincetown instead.