OutRiders - 29th Annual Boston to Provincetown Ride - 130 mile cycling event

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getting started We've gathered some off-site articles to help you get started - covering nutrition, stretching and mistakes to avoid.

Century training
Cross-training for cyclists

Tips for Riding Your First Century

"So you've been riding a little or a lot and you've decided to ride your first ride of 100 miles - your first century. I firmly believe that anyone can do a century. It takes a little determination and with proper preparation can be relatively painless and quite enjoyable." Read more.

Endurance Cycling: Five Mistakes to Avoid

"Centuries, double centuries, and brevets are the bread and butter of most endurance cyclists. But they’re not easy and are not to be taken for granted. Here are five mistakes to avoid as you train for, and ride, endurance events." Read more.

Endurance Training for Long Distance Cyclists

"Since we're training primarily for endurance and not for speed, the most important ride is the weekly long ride. The purpose of the long ride is to train your muscles and cardiovascular system, and also your digestive system. A secondary benefit of this ride is psychological. If the long rides can be done comfortably, then our confidence in completing our target event will increase." Read more.

Weight training

"Cycling regularly is great for lower body strength, but leaves a lot to be desired for the upper body muscle groups. And this can be a major liability..." Read more.

Yoga and Pilates Conditioning for Cyclists

"...Too few athletes devote enough time to the flexibility portion of their training and conditioning plan. Lack of flexibility can contribute to muscular imbalance, and eventually lead to injury." Read more.

Proper stretching can make you ride faster and farther

"Cyclists can learn a thing or two from our feline friends about flexibility, which keeps riding muscles healthy and much more efficient." Read more.

Energy For The Long Haul

"As cyclists, we often reach for predictable foods for quick energy: Clif Bars, bananas, fortified jelly beans. So it was shocking to see a racer pal of mine, Michael Yozell, slurp down a can of sardines during a mountain bike epic a few years ago." Read more.