OutRiders - 29th Annual Boston to Provincetown Ride - 130 mile cycling event

Lucinda and Lucas, fastest riders for 2007

Who rides?

The 2008 Ride received 193 ride registrations from these states: CT, DC, GA, MA (91), MD, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY (27), OH, PA, RI, TX, VT, WI. We also signed up 22 Canadian riders from Toronto & Montreal

86 folks were riding for the first time.

The ride usually balances off 50/50 ratio of men to women. 2007 balanced a bit more to the men's side. In 2008 we had slightly more women - 101 women riders vs. 92 men.

The Riders who traveled the furthest to ride with us were from San Francisco & Santa Maria, California and San Antonio, Texas

Mary McCauley, rider #30 celebrated her 76th birthday and was planning to ride, however a sprained wrist cause her to volunteer and SAG for the day. Despite a car accident on ride day that totaled her car, Mary attended the Sunday Brunch a bit shaken, but well protected by airbags...she is looking forward to riding on the 2009 ride. What an amazing spirit!

Riders who have signed up to ride every year for the last 10 years are:
Lew Lasher #23
Mary McCauley #30
Steve McQuillin #72
Jim Gerhard #98
Ward Cromer #177
Sondra Spencer #220
Mark Johnston #361
Dan Williams #481
Carl Harris #796