OutRiders - 34th Annual Boston to Provincetown Ride - 130 mile cycling event


This year the Ride celebrating 34 years! Who thought up this crazy idea of a one-day ride from Boston to Provincetown anyway? Find out how it all began.

The route

On Ride Day, everyone will receive a copy of the route after signing in, but if you're curious about the route, you can download a copy in miles or kilometers. (Note: pdf format)

Who rides?

Is this Ride for super athletes or just regular folk? Do you need a fancy bike? If you're considering participating this year but are wondering if you will stand out in the crowd, here's some information to reassure you.

Ride schedule

The Ride is on Saturday but did you know there is a "Meet and greet" on Friday night and a Celebratory Brunch on the Sunday? Here's the entire event timetable and what you need to know.

Photo archive

See our collection of Riders and Crew photo submissions from past years. Hopefully you'll be sending us some good shots to post this summer!